Premedia Department is run by Interactivecolor Digital, Inc.
a COP Communications, Inc. company

Our premedia company is dedicated to delivering you the highest standards in publication and catalog digital services. We have years of computer-to-plate experience and our equipment is calibrated to Specifications for Web Offset Publication (SWOP) standards to produce optimum results.

Our team of system specialists are trained in the use of most of the application software in use today, including QuarkXPress, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Photoshop, Streamline, Illustrator, InDesign, Freehand and CorelDraw. Our expert preflight system utilizes Flightcheck software.

Phone  1-800-280-6446  EXT.#1182 and #1150
Fax      ( 818 ) 547-4607

Choosing a company name is not an easy task.

It should not be too cute, too cliché, too serious. It should convey the concept of how the business will be run.


Ink interacts with paper, chemicals interact to process film, and people interact with each other just like we plan to interact with you.


The difference between good color and great color is how the eye interacts with the screen, how the machine interacts with the output devices. It takes skill, experience and commitment to make it work. We want to do more than that; we want to make it perfect – in your eyes, on the color proof, the printing press, and the Internet.

Interactive Color

Cross Media Production Specialists
Your partner in perfection