Digital Press

Short-run, on demand printing

  • Brochures, books, flyers, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, manuals, Point of Purchase materials, sell sheets and more!
  • Direct mail marketing campaigns
  • Personalized 1 to 1 communications
  • Web fulfillment materials


  • Up to 6,600 full process color A4 (letter) 4/0 impressions per hour.
  • 600 x 600 dpi, 8-bit depth resolution, and Xerox patented dry inks for excellent fine line rendering and benchmark color gamut.
  • 4 input feeder modules with two trays each — each tray holds 2,500 sheets of 80 lb. coated text for a total capacity of 30,000 sheets

High performance RIPs: Xerox DocuSP Color Controller
Wide array of stocks: coated, uncoated, textured, smooth, and specialty


  • Consistent High Quality Color
  • 600 x 600 x 8 bit depth for continuous tone input for ultra-sharp images
  • 256-level tone reproduction curves for each color separation Benchmark gamut of CMYK process colors
  • Continuous, automatic color calibration and adjustment to ensure color consistency
  • Closed-loop process controls for automatic, continuous adjustment of curves
  • Process Colors: Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Black
  • Screens: 150 lpi, 175 lpi, 200 lpi, stochastic, all utilizing 256 gray levels
  • Excellent reproduction of graphic curves, font serifs, fine lines, shadow detail and highlights.

Media Types

  • Coated: gloss, matte, dull, silk
  • Uncoated, textured, specialty stocks
  • Recycled, perforated, tabs, transparencies, a wide variety of labels, synthetics
  • DocuCard, NeverTear, DuraPaper™
  • Mixed-stock jobs supported at rated speed
  • No drying time before coating

Weight Range:
Uncoated: 16 lb. Bond to 130 lb. Cover (60 gsm to 350 gsm)
Coated: 60 lb. Text to 130 lb. Cover (90 gsm to 350 gsm)

Size Range: 7″ x 7″ to 14.33″ x 20.5″

SmartPress Imaging

  • Single-point image transfer – patented third generation imaging process transfers the image from the carrier to paper in a single pass.
    • Improved color-to-color registration and image-to-paper accuracy
    • Unprecedented speed
    • Accurate color registration
    • Greater reliability
  • SmartPress Dry Inks
    • Significant advantages in reproducing hues and dot patterns, gamut, pile height, gloss differential.
    • Improved color fidelity
  • Accurate Registration
    • Dual-edge perfecting assures unprecedented front-to-back and crossover registration
    • Each color directly registered to previous color
    • Continuous monitor of image registration
  • Color Profiling
    • Ensures color consistency and repeatability
    • Shortens pre-press time and reduces unnecessary operator involvement
  • Color Check
    • Confirms the press is accurately reproducing color
    • Alerts press operators when calibration or re-profiling is necessary
  • Automatic Image Enhancement
    • Intelligently adjusts for sharpness, exposure, contrast, and shadow detail to repair a poor quality original photograph.
    • Automated evaluation only adjusts photos in need of repair, even when there are multiple images on one page

Custom Publishing

Static vs. Personalized Promotion

Color Personal Intelligence = Five-Fold Jump in Response Rates

Sophisticated color images, graphics, and text personalized to individuals have a remarkable ability to cut through the clutter of generic marketing messages that bombard customers every day.

The results are faster and higher response rates, increased sales, and the power to create and maintain the customer relationships that foster brand allegiance.

Digital Press Quote

COP uses the power of the Xerox iGen3™ Digital Production Press.

Catalog and commercial clients whose needs range up to 10,000 standard custom products and formats. Great for on-demand printing for products such as – Invitations, Booklets, Bookmarks, to name a few. Great for reprints.

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