California Offset Printers Manufacturing Department represents a dedicated team committed to attaining standards that elevate industry levels resulting in excellent quality product for each customer. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality work at the quickest through- put time for our clients. Utilizing the latest industry technology ensures our customers receive the best product possible, from start to finish. We strive to create a harmonious work place creating a positive and respectful environment for our customers and ourselves.


The mission of the Scheduling Department is to coordinate all elements, components and processes of each job to meet the customer’s requirements while affecting the most efficient and resourceful use of labor and materials.

Customer Service

Customer Service is committed to effectively executing all aspects of our customers’ needs. We provide quality service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We understand the value of proactive input and maintain consistent communication with our customers during all phases of the production cycle.


Anticipate and act upon customer needs in effort to provide a quality product fully represented in print by combining state-of-the-art technology with skill and experience


To provide accurate, timely data to its’ internal and external customers, to enable them to make sound business decisions regarding either the operation of individual business segments, or interfacing with the corporation as a whole. To establish and implement sound business parameters on a proactive basis to measure the effectiveness of performance against expectations. And to provide the necessary safeguards to ensure company operations and assets are protected.

Shipping and Receiving Department

Dock facilities are located at the side and rear of the building. Material handling operations include banding, wrapping, tying, cartoning and labeling for shipping, USPS, UPS or mailing. And to provide the necessary safeguards to ensure company operations and assets are protected.

Mailing Department

California Offset Printing has a full service mail department offering both inline and offline solutions. Our mail database operators handle all classes of mail. We consistently bring the best postage savings to our clients. For data handling we List Services that are CASS Certified and services include: Group-1, mail stream sort, inkjet conversion, Merge/Purge, and general list selection. We provide verified Postal reports with all Postal verification. Our ink jet equipment can ink jet on any surface from polybag to UV coated surfaces. We also offer Cheshire Labeling.

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